Vaccines can cause autism, according to many studies

How many studies will it take to prove that vaccines cause autism? Well, it doesn’t seem to matter how many there are, really.  No matter how many studies there are that prove the connection between autism and vaccines, the media will never allow such divisive information to reach the masses. Pundits, celebrities and conventional medicine practitioners across the country insist that the vaccine debate is over, and that anyone who dares to suggest that getting jabbed is dangerous is an “anti-science” loon.

But what if it is really these people – who are really more like puppets – that are crazy? After all, is it not fear mongering to say that without vaccines people will get sick? Is it not anti-science to deny a mountain of evidence and disregard it as “inconsequential,” merely because it causes you to question your own views?

An in-depth review by Arjun Walia from Activist Post has revealed that at least 22 studies have found that there is a link between vaccination and the onset of autism. And there are plenty more studies out there with similar findings.

A 2002 study that was published in the Journal of Biomedical Sciences observed a casual relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism, but specifically with the measles portion of the vaccine. The researchers, who were from Utah State University, concluded that in some children the MMR vaccine may cause an abnormal measles infection. This in turn can lead to neurological problems that would be considered part of the autism spectrum.

The journal Entropy also featured a study in 2012 that showcased a much stronger correlation between the MMR vaccine and autism. In this case, the study found that aluminum was what was causing the vaccine to be harmful. The study authors wrote in their abstract that vaccines that contain aluminum are often toxic to children, and can potentially lead to a later diagnosis of autism. Very low serum levels of sulfate and glutathione are often seen in these cases. Basically, the aluminum that’s found in a variety of vaccines appears to provoke the onset of autism.

Walia writes in his report that there are a “number of studies that link vaccines to a possible autism connection,” and notes that across the globe a number of courts have ruled in favor of vaccines causing a multitude of side effects, including autism and brain damage. The MMR vaccine is really just one of many.

Besides aluminum, there is a whole host of other toxic materials that can be added to vaccines. Thimerosal, the toxic mercury derivative, is an example of one of the many problematic materials added to vaccines. Several studies in Walia’s report suggest that despite modern medicine’s insistence that it is totally safe, thimerosal is also a dangerous ingredient. There are many other types of adjuvants and preservatives used in vaccines that can be harmful.


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