Obama and the ATF announce backdoor ammo ban, leaving citizens defenseless

You really have to give it up for the leftists. When it comes to taking away the inherent, constitutional freedoms on the American people, they never seem to give up on their conquest for complete control.

Take, for instance, the Obama administration’s scorched earth campaign to repeal the Second Amendment slowly and methodically. Having previously tried — and failed — to ban semi-automatic rifles outright, the leftists have since attempted to place absurd regulations on ammunition. This way, guns will remain justly easily accessible, but the ammunition that makes guns function will be difficult to obtain. It’s a ridiculous loophole that shows just how far these fascists will go to infringe on the rights of American citizens.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives — or as it is commonly referred to, the ATF — has made it their duty to help the Obama administration in their anti-Second Amendment endeavors. When you have so many federal government organizations teaming up together in order to pass regulations, it makes fighting this behavior extremely difficult and demoralizing.

The brainwashed sheeple that believe Obama and the leftists that currently control the federal government can do no wrong will argue that the president isn’t coming directly after our guns — and that’s precisely the point. These people are not coming directly after our guns in this instance. They’re trying to slip in regulation after regulation until we’re no longer allowed to possess any sort of firearm.

Considering the state of the world as we know it, it’s incredibly frightening and dangerous that the federal government not only isn’t doing their part to keep us safe from potential dangers, but they’re even going out of their way to make sure that we cannot protect ourselves.

Between radical Islamic extremism and violent criminal behavior, life-threatening situations are a dime a dozen in 2016 America. In many instances, firearms are the only thing that is guaranteed to keep a person safe from these dangers. By fighting our human right to protect ourselves, the Obama administration and the ATF have betrayed the American people completely.

When it comes time to vote this fall, we must make our voices heard by refusing to support the freedom-hating, gun-fearing lunatics on the left. While many of the issues seem important in the short term, the defense and protection of the Second Amendment is absolutely necessary in order to keep our country safe and prosperous.

We cannot forget that.





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