Con: ObamaCare was designed to fail ON PURPOSE to usher in ‘single payer’ system

As far back as 2013, ObamaCare was already being lamented, even before it was set to trigger. Senator Orrin Hatch, a Republican from Utah, decried the system as a grand design that would eventually lead the rest of the country to become a single-payer system. In addition to the introduction of a bill to repeal the health insurance tax, Hatch also made a prediction that within a year democratic lawmakers would come to the conclusion that ObamaCare was not working and that the single-payer system would be the only possible solution. So far, it appears that the only thing that Orrin Hatch was incorrect about concerned the timeline of his prediction.

Considering that the expected enrollment amounts far exceed that actual turnout for enrollment, ObamaCare, or The Affordable Healthcare act, the “affordable” aspect comes into question, particularly when the system needs actual people registered in order for it to work in the first place. Because of this, insurers are pushing for rate hikes as high as 60% nationwide.

UnitedHealth and Humana are just a portion of the bigger insurance giants who are beginning to remove their presence from ObamaCare markets. Recently Aetna announced that instead of broadening its coverage to twenty states, it has elected to stay in just the four markets it currently provides for. As a result of this devastating blow, the state of Arizona is now facing the possibility of having zero insurers via the ObamaCare exchange.

Further pushing this ever-growing snowball of a disaster down the hill is the fact that more than a quarter of the counties in the United States currently only have one insurer in their respective ObamaCare exchanges. Even worse is that there is no plan of contingency should these insurers decide to take their business out of that area.

Essentially, the entire charade of the Affordable Health Care act is spiraling out of control, with little being done in the way of trying to circumvent the impending disaster of a health insurance collapse in the United States. The act, which was supposed to ease Americans worries about increasing health care costs, was (in 2013) a twenty thousand (yes, 20,000) page document that already had employers cutting jobs to below fifty employees just to avoid penalties. With recent damaging statements being made about ObamaCare by Bill Clinton, who is typically in the Obama camp, being spun by numerous news sites to have a positive angle, it appears that the only people who will be affected by this predicted failure will be average American citizens.



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