Comey’s FBI ‘clearing’ of Hillary Clinton may seal Donald Trump’s victory

Many Americans have long believed that the Clintons are a criminal family that regularly breaks the law without having to answer to anyone for their crimes.

The Clintons have been accused of misconduct for decades, from Hillary’s firing during the Watergate investigation, to Bill Clinton’s various sex scandals — the most famous being with Monica Lewinsky.

The Clinton’s have had countless scandals and Americans are sick of them

Although the Lewinsky scandal would eventually lead to Bill Clinton’s impeachment as President, the Clinton family’s reputation appears to be made of steel; the impeachment clearly had little affect on the Clintons’ popularity with Democrats. This can be seen shortly after the Clintons’  left the White House, when Hillary was elected to the Senate in New York.

It would be hard to think of another family that has been able to get away with so many documented corrupt activities seemingly unscathed.

The surprising thing to many Americans (especially Republicans) has been their ability to dodge any sort of consequence for their actions; there is no doubt that they are held to a different standard, even to the point of being “protected” by authorities. Many average citizens have struggled to understand how the Clintons’ are able to get away with their constant scandals. Will they ever be held accountable? Isn’t everyone equal under the law?

Although equality has been a term touted by Hillary Clinton for many years, she makes it clear that elites like her and her husband have special privileges.

Voters are sick of the political establishment in the United States. They are sick of having their intelligence insulted when blatant lies are told to them. This is the internet age and the Clinton’s are having a hard time keeping their crimes (and lies) silent — especially with Wikileaks dumping Clinton campaign chair John Podesta’s emails that outline corruption. The mainstream media will not report on real “news,” but we now have the new media that is doing the job for many of these compromised news agencies.

Through whistle blowers, the public has learned that the Clintons do not have the people of the United States’ best interests in mind. From selling uranium to the Russians, to pay-to-play schemes while Hillary was Secretary of State, there seems to be no line that they won’t cross.

Citizens now realize they can only fix their country by voting Trump

Hillary Clinton setup an illegal email server and sent classified information using it. She even lied to Congress about them, yet the FBI decided that they would not bring charges against her. This infuriated the American people — many ex-officials have been prosecuted for much less.

When FBI director James Comey sent a letter to Congress 11 days before the election to inform them that the FBI was investigating Clinton’s email case again, the American people finally felt their voices were being heard. They had possibly found sensitive information with links to Hillary’s email on a laptop that was taken from Anthony Weiner, a disgraced ex-politician who was caught sexting an underage girl. Was this going to be the end to Hillary’s corruption?

Now — just 2 days before the election — Comey has come forward to say that Hillary Clinton has been cleared by the FBI. They will not seek charges against her.

It is now clear that the only way to stop Hillary Clinton is to make sure she doesn’t win the presidency. Not only would it be the end of America, but it may be the end of the world. The only way to do this is to make sure Donald Trump wins the election. It is hard to think of a more powerful motivator to get out and vote not just for Trump, but against someone who has done so much to harm the United States.




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