Trump beating Clinton even as establishment media manipulates headlines to confuse voters

With the outcome of the election between GOP nominee Donald J. Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton still very much in play earlier today, the mainstream media was hard at work doing what it has been doing for the past 15 months – creating a false narrative to make Clinton look good, even when she is looking bad.

As noted by the graphic below, a headline from this morning appears to show that Clinton jumped out to an early lead in a small New Hampshire community, where voting begins at midnight:



The left-wing media hacks at USA Today likely couldn’t wait to report that The Donald received his first trouncing of the day…a four-out-of-six vote landslide that saw Clinton come out ahead.

But a closer look at the fine print, so to speak, showed that Trump was actually ahead in New Hampshire 32-25, in early voting.

And while this was just a microcosm of what is to unfold the remainder of the day, it proves once more that the establishment media is simply in the tank for Clinton because she is a Democrat, and that’s all the establishment media sees in any presidential contest – whomever has the “D” behind their name.

A quick analysis of which candidate the editorial page of each of the major daily nationals has backed for the past 30-plus years will show you just how incredibly biased these “media” outlets really are. In nearly every instance The New York Times, the Washington Post, the Los Angeles TimesUSA Today (of course), the Miami Herald, and scores of mid-sized, regional and local newspapers across the country consistently pick the Democrat candidate, no matter what their policies or, in Clinton’s case, no matter how compromised and unfit she is to be in a position to receive classified information (which the intelligence community is sure to withhold from her, should she win).

Trump, who doesn’t have a single fingerprint on any of the failed policies of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, at least has a resume of accomplishment. He’s built great things, generated a lot of employment and has made a lot of money the old fashioned way.

But to the mainstream media, all he is, is the next Republican to beat.


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