Wealthy corporations practically giving away their assets in Venezuela to flee the coming collapse

Venezuela is in shambles and has been for quite some time. What is responsible for this? None other than socialism.

After adopting a socialist system of economics, the country of Venezuela slowly began collapsing on top of itself. The once economically stable country has since become a complete disaster where people are now spending ludicrous amounts of money on necessities.

To make matters even worse for the country, many of the corporations that once held offices and factories in the country are doing everything they can to escape. They’re so desperate to get out of Venezuela that they are practically giving away their assets just so they can flee the country. Everyone from Ford Motor Company to General Mills is engaging in this behavior — and it is no wonder why.

Bob Adelmann of The New American reports, “Executives quizzed about the departures said their operations were no longer viable, that it was increasingly difficult to obtain raw materials, and when they did, they couldn’t sell the finished goods profitably, thanks to price controls enforced by Marxist Nicolas Maduro’s government.”

The societal and economic collapse in Venezuela serves as the latest example of socialism being a complete joke. Every corporation, every country that has given socialism a chance has paid the ultimate price. This isn’t an isolated incident — it is one of many, from all across the world. It is time for people to grow up and accept the fact that both socialism and communism will never actually work.

Capitalism is the only way. It allows businesses, societies and individuals to prosper without any sort of government intervention. Socialism forces people to rely on the government for everything, which is what has left so many socialist countries in shambles. The federal government is terrible at almost everything, so depending on them for absolutely everything is a recipe for disaster.

While we can all hope that Venezuela will be a learning experience for the world, the Regressive Left is so obsessed with the idea of socialism that there is little doubt that they will attempt to make this happen once again. They continue to convince themselves that the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth times will be the charm and they never learn their lesson. There is no hope for these people anymore, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us shouldn’t do our part to expose the corruption where we see it.

It’s never too late to open a young liberal’s eyes to the truth.






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