Facebook to start labeling news on your timeline based on liberal-leaning Politifact’s “fact-checking”

Facebook has been at odds with both the right and the left for various reasons over the past few months. What began with silencing conservative opinions via their algorithm has led to absolute cyber chaos in nearly every respect. People on the right feel like Facebook is suppressing their voices. People on the left want Facebook to virtually ban conservative news from being spread through their website. Everyone seems frustrated and what is currently going on sure seems to be making matters even worse.

Over the past few months it has been reported that Facebook is joining forces with a number of “fact-checking” websites in order to determine if stories that are frequently shared on their social media network are real or not. (RELATED: Read more about real fake news at NewsFakes.com)

Alex Heath of Business Insider reports, “To combat fake news, Facebook has teamed up with a shortlist [sic] of media organizations, including Snopes and ABC News.” Heath explains how the process will work, writing, “Starting as a test with a small percentage of its users in the US, Facebook will make it easier to report news stories that are fake or misleading. Once third-party fact-checkers have confirmed that the story is fake, it will be labeled as such and demoted in the News Feed.”

The problem with this is that a number of the fact-checkers that Facebook is teaming with — including Snopes and Politifact — have been proven to have left-leaning biases. So it’s almost guaranteed that this will show through when it comes to determining what is and is not “fake news.”

Facebook should be completely hands-off when it comes to what individuals want to share on their respective profiles. They shouldn’t be telling people what they can and cannot post and they should not be prioritizing news stories based on the opinions of leftists. It’s just a terrible idea all around because it puts people at odds with each other and raises tensions throughout their website.

If something truly is fake, then it is up to the individual to recognize that. There are so many publications that used to be reputable and have sold out recently, it can be a tough task to determine what is or isn’t real. It takes a lot of research and effort to know which outlets are owned by which people. If people want to be informed, though, there are a lot of ways in which that can happen. The last thing we need, though, are biased people determining what we should read. That’s just a recipe for disaster.

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