This must-see interview with James Rickards will make you completely rethink your financial preparedness for the coming collapse

This Greg Hunter interview with James Rickards will make you completely rethink your financial preparedness for the coming collapse.

James Rickards is extremely intelligent and highly experienced in fiscal dynamics. I strongly recommend all his books, including The New Case for Gold, a must-read book for anyone serious about financial prepping. Rickards was on the front lines of the 1997 LTCM fiasco which nearly led to a cascading global implosion of the banking establishment.

Unlike the bulldookey-spewing “economists” at the New York Times, James Rickards knows full well that a global financial collapse is now inevitable. Although he underscores the fact that no one can tell exactly when it’s going to start, he knows it is inescapable and growing ever nearer each day. “The instability of the financial system as a whole [is an “avalanche” waiting to happen]. All these things are massively unstable,” he explains.

The video below, from Greg Hunter’s, is packed with extremely valuable information you need to know. Skip to 24:00 which where the most intriguing part of the interview begins. Here are my notes, followed by the James Rickards interview and my own mini-documentary called Faith Money and the Coming Collapse.

24:00 Mad Max scenario?

26:30 Your local police are heavy armed like “special forces” with automatic weapons. The martial law will be enforced at gunpoint.

27:30 Bread lines, heavy-handed martial law tactics. “Governments don’t go down without a fight…” They’ll try to buy time…

28:30 They’ll riot. They’ll “burn down banks” … neofascism and riot police in charge. “All that legal authority is already in place.”

28:50 The United States is operating under a state of emergency right now, thanks to President Bush.

33:00 How the political establishment is desperately working to obliterate Trump by any means possible.

36:45 Efforts to overthrow Trump are part of “America’s new civil war.”

37:20 Will Trump strike back against the deep state?

43:00 The collapse of the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency: The gold standard, SDRs and propping up faith by decree.

46:00 Why 10% of your invest-able assets should be in gold or silver. Why gold will rise to $10,000 per oz. in the next few years.

47:20 Don’t wait for the collapse. You won’t be able to trade dollars for gold once the crash begins. Gold will be almost impossible to find.

49:00 The Fed will raise rates in June and actually cause negative economic consequences.

50:40 The 2-5 year price target for gold is over $5,000 per oz., reaching over $10,000 per oz. soon after. (Silver estimated to go to $100 – $200 per oz., tracking in parallel with gold.)

52:30 Why central banks are hoarding gold even while they LIE to the public and claim gold has no special value.

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