Is the Trump-tied global market crash the Health Ranger predicted about to happen?

As the discredited, lying, #fakenews Washington media continue to generate stories targeting President Donald J. Trump, using unsubstantiated “leaks” from “anonymous” sources and attacking him and his administration every hour on the hour, one thing has become abundantly clear: As Jake Novak of CNBC adroitly notes, the assault against this president has all the markings of a “political coup.”

With the latest smear being that the president allegedly asked then-FBI Director James Comey if he would drop the bureau’s investigation into his former national security advisor, retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn – a story based on a memo Comey supposedly wrote that was not provided to the media but instead read to a New York Times reporter over the phone – there is breathless new talk about impeaching Trump.

Not that impeachment talk is anything new. Democrats have been shouting it since before Trump was even inaugurated, as if somehow taking the oath of office constituted “high crimes and misdemeanors” under the Constitution.

But it seems different this time. It’s much more pervasive. It’s stronger. And it’s not just talk among Democrats and their propaganda division, the establishment media. Even some Republicans – the president’s party – are starting to mention it as a possibility.

There is something else going on that has not happened during the short time Trump has been in office: (can you remember when a new president has come under this kind of assault from the Washington establishment?) The markets are getting jittery.

As of this writing, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had dipped more than 250 points after just a few hours’ trading Wednesday morning. In addition, the U.S. dollar was also falling amid what one market analyst dubbed a “real-life House of Cards” environment in Washington.

Political and market analysts say all of the drama – most of it media-generated – is preventing Trump and the GOP Congress from making any progress on the president’s agenda, including getting rid of failing Obamacare, major tax reform and the infrastructure projects. That, in turn, is having a negative effect on Wall Street.

But without a doubt, this assault against Trump is coordinated – via the Deep State “establishment” and its allies on Capitol Hill and in the Washington media. And yet, as Novak notes, there is no impeachable offense here:

Here’s the kicker: None of this is actually working where it counts. Again, we have not one piece of evidence of any impeachable act. And it’s not even truly working in the polls. President Trump’s approval ratings may be lower than any modern president this early in his tenure, but they’re still higher than they were throughout the election.

So what gives? Natural News founder/editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, gave us the answer before Trump won the election.

In October, Adams produced a video in which he predicted that the #nevertrump globalists in the U.S. and throughout the world would orchestrate a financial collapse so they could blame it on Trump and, to another extent, on voters who elected him. In addition, Adams nailed it when he wrote that “the Clinton-controlled mainstream media will wage an all-out assault in an attempt to discredit and destroy the Trump administration.” Here’s the video:

Wild imagination? Hardly.

Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric and an confidante of Trump, told CNBC Wednesday morning that impeachment of the president “would blow the market away.”

While Welch graded Trump a “D-minus” on his management of the White House, he gave him an “A” on the policy front, on his Cabinet picks and on his Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch. He also gave him an “A” for boosting confidence among the business class and consumers.

“There’s an air of confidence,” Welch said, advising Trump, “Stay on jobs. Stay on health care. Stay on tax reform.”

But obviously the Deep State isn’t going to let that happen.

Adams was right; there is a political coup afoot, and it won’t stop until the president is gone or he ends it himself.

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