Democrat congresswoman sentenced to five years in prison for rigging fake charity “for the children” to fund her lavish lifestyle

In Federalist number 51, James Madison famously writes, “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” But American society does have controls and restraints because the people are not governed by angels. In fact, Washington D.C. is home to some of the most corrupt, slimy politicians on the face of the earth.

Take Corrine Brown, for example, the former Democratic Representative from the state of Florida who was recently sentenced to five years in prison for taking money from a fake charity. According to CBS 47, Brown will now be forced to surrender to authorities sometime after January 8th.

The “charity,” called One Door For Education, was meant to provide low-income children with scholarships so they could go to school and get an education. Instead, however, Congresswoman Brown used the donation money to pay for her own lavish lifestyle, which included extravagant trips, expensive items, and even fancy parties. But now, that lavish lifestyle is over, and the only trip that Brown will be taken in the near future is a trip to federal prison.

The FBI Jacksonville Division released a comment on Congresswoman Brown’s prison sentence, which read in part: “It is incredibly disappointing that an elected official, who took an oath year after year to serve others, would exploit the needs of children and abuse the charitable hearts of constituents to advance her own personal and political agenda, and deliver them with virtually nothing.” The statement went on to say that “rooting out public corruption” remains one of the FBI’s top priorities, and that they will “continue to dedicate the resources necessary to investigate, because the impact on everyday people is real.”

It really doesn’t get much lower than setting up a fake charity, telling people that it is meant to give poor children a chance to get an education, and then using the donation money for oneself. This is exactly the type of corruption that we the people somehow have to purge from Washington D.C., or else the fall of American society will one day become inevitable.

On the topic of institutionalized corruption, the American people dodged a speeding bullet on Election Day last year by voting Donald Trump into office instead of Hillary Clinton. As everyone with an IQ above that of a shovel knows, the former Secretary of State is easily one of the most corrupt politicians ever to step foot in Washington D.C., and for a number of different reasons. Perhaps the most prominent example of Hillary Clinton’s unmatched corruption, though, has to do with The Clinton Foundation and Uranium One, a Canadian uranium mining company based in Toronto.

As Breitbart News pointed out in October, The Clinton Foundation obtained $2.35 million in donations from a man by the name of Ian Telfer, who happened to be the chairman of Uranium One during the time when the company was handed over to the Russian nuclear power corporation Rosatom. On top of that, The Clinton Foundation also received $31.3 million and a pledge for an additional $100 million from Frank Giustra, whose mining company eventually merged with Uranium One. (Related: Hillary Clinton took $145 million from the Russians to sell out the U.S. uranium supply to America’s enemies.)

On a side note, Bill Clinton was also given an astonishing $500,000 from a Kremlin-backed bank for delivering a speech in Moscow. If the liberal democrats are concerned about collusion with the Russians, perhaps they should look at Bill and Hillary Clinton instead of President Trump and his team.

As you can see, corruption exists in America at multiple different levels. As a free people, it is our duty to reject all of it, and to remind those who reside in Washington D.C. that their job is to represent us, not to act in their own self-interests. (Related: Massive corruption and criminal misconduct has been uncovered at the CDC.)

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